2021 NEFLIN Technology Conference Evaluation

We hope you enjoyed the 2021 NEFLIN Technology Conference and learned new information or skills that will be helpful to you. 

1. Please rate the following statements: (Required)
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The conference provided awareness of technology issues and trends. 
I learned something by participating in this activity. 
I feel more confident about what I just learned. 
I intend to apply what I just learned. 
Applying what I learned will help improve library services to the public. 

2. Please tell us how you plan to use what you’ve learned upon returning to your library. How do you plan to better assist your users now that you’ve been armed with this new information?

3. What was the most memorable thing about the 2021 NEFLIN Technology Conference?

4. How does this conference compare to others you have attended in the past 12 months? (Check all that apply)

5. Do you prefer this day-long conference be online or in-person?

6. Was holding the conference on a Thursday an advantage or disadvantage for your ability to attend? We normally hold conferences on Fridays.  (Required)


7. Which Concurrent Session did you attend at 11:00 am? (Choose one)

8. Comments about the 11:00 am Concurrent Session you attended:

9. Which Concurrent Session did you attend at 1:00 pm? (Choose one)

10. Comments about the 1:00 pm Concurrent Session you attended:

11. Which Concurrent Session did you attend at 2:00 pm? (Choose one)

12. Comments about the 2:00 pm Concurrent Session you attended:

13. Which Concurrent Session did you attend at 3:00 pm? (Choose one)

14. Comments about the 3:00 pm Concurrent Session you attended:

15. Other comments about any part of the 2021 NEFLIN Technology Conference:

16. What suggestions do you have for topics for future NEFLIN conferences other than Technology?

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NEFLIN depends on your comments to use when applying to fund events like this one. If you found the 2021 Technology Conference to be especially effective, please provide a quote that we can use in our funding applications, reports, or promotional materials. Was this training unique for you in terms of subject matter, scope, or experience? Are you grateful for the training opportunities NEFLIN is able to provide due to generous LSTA funding? Please let us know!

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